Sassy Little Human
Clara was a normal ghost, as normal as you could get... and then she found a vampire with an interesting ability who out of the blue decided to bring her back to life.
Human again, she's relearning how to live and trying to keep up in a world where everyone else is much stronger then her.
She may able to do some new interesting things now to... 1 of 1

Interesting Turn of Events?

They stopped the routine after a few hours. They didn’t want to rip her mind from her, as it seemed they were doing from the way she screamed.

"Hey, ghosty. Wakie wakie!"

She didn’t move, curled up in the little bubble they had provided. The two looked at each other.

"He’ll be upset if she doesn’t respond."

"Your fault."

"No yours!"

"It’s both your faults," they turned as she sat up, flexing her fingers. "Ooh, that’s interesting. Run off like a rabbit in wonderland," she giggled, and the two looked at each other.


She turned with a smile, her eyes eerily white. “Tell your boss I’m ready to talk. Well, not me, but part of me is. Depends on how you interpret. Isn’t that interesting,” she giggled again. “Oh, it’s all rattled about in there isn’t it,” she tapped her head. “You didn’t do a very good job, just because you stopped, they keep on playing!”

She let out another laugh, before going quiet. “Please get him before I find another flaw in your plan and come out and kill you both.”

They scurried away, grabbing the phone. “Think he’ll be ok with us driving her insane?”

"You mean you."

"Shut it!"

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